Bruno Caldas Vianna

education, art+research, creative technologies


I am a PhD candidate at the University of the Arts in Helsinki, investigating Artificial Intelligence and Visual Arts.

I’m the director of the Master In Creative Computing and teach related free courses at the Elisava University in Barcelona, where I am based. I develop projects with creative and social use of technology, and cooperate with non-profits such as Coolab,, and Dweb.

I have created projects in a wide variety of supports such as mobile apps, installations and fiction feature films. I taught in the Art and Technology School Oi Kabum! in Rio de Janeiro for 6 years, and run the Nuvem laboraroty for art and technology, in the countryside of Brasil, for 5 years.

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Jun 13, 2023 I’m going to present a slice of my research at the Before The +Rain event in Barcelona in June.
Jun 1, 2023 I’m teaching a one-day workshop on AI and Creativity at the headquaters of Vinted in Vilnius, in late June.
May 22, 2022 Debates around Paradoxes of Photography exhibition in Helsinki

selected publications

  1. The Bartleby Machine
    Bruno Caldas Vianna
    In ISEA 2022 Proceedings, 2022
  2. Generative Art: Between the Nodes of Neuron Networks
    Bruno Caldas Vianna
  3. Knowledge Art: Artwork and Invention
    Bruno Caldas Vianna
    In 10th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, 2021